Experience the magic of garlic with Contin Plant Extract Shampoo

Contin plant extract shampoo, a natural shampoo rich with garlic enzyme, which is good in solving scalp problem, including dandruff, hair loss and oily scalp. It is formulated with patented ingredient- Garlic enzyme essence which is developed by Contin, every single piece of this shampoo contained over 50% plant extract essence.

Smell is what most of the people worry about when talking about garlic, but there is nothing to be worry about at all about Contin Shampoo, Contin is actually rich with flowerish and fruity fragrance tone, it provides a refreshing feel after using.

Many bloggers are giving Contin shampoo a positive review, with the result on solving scalp problem after using for a while, it does prevent hair drop as well. With its natural ingredient, this shampoo perfectly suit women in pregnancy and breast feeding.

Who doesn’t like A natural product like Contin, it is harmless and suit everyone in your family!