Serlando rosy pink moisture dew

Serlando rosy pink moisture dew, far more than just lip moisture dew!

You think it’s a product just to get rid of your dry and pale lips? Well, it’s part of the features; it is actually functioning on lips, areola and private part.

By applying the rosy pink moisture dew, you can get a pink areola and private part in just a few seconds. The liquid turns to different kind of pink color just a few seconds after applying, the color difference is according to our body’s temperature and PH value.

“It gave me much more than I expected, it looks like nothing from the outside, but when you apply it you can feel lips are being instantly moisturized and with pretty color on it.” “ The unique part is that the color varies every time, since it changes based on the temperature of your body, so every time is a new surprise for me.” says beauty experts of Beauty Keeper.

Rosy moisture dew from Serlando, it is made of natural ingredient and safe to be used as a moisturizing product on the body parts. It leaves our body part pinky and glossy with a healthy, stick-free shine.