Destino Advanced Repairing Face Soap- A luxury soap for you!

Beauty starts from a good cleansing. Good face soap creates breathable pore and it enable a better absorption of skin care, this is how good skin start.

Destino advanced repairing face soap; it’s a famous cleansing soap among the Tai Tai in Taiwan, highly recommended among the Tai Tai, models and influencers.

A good face soap will always makes you feel comfortable, clean, refresh and without dryness after using. With precious ingredient CISTUS added, it is suitable for sensitive skin even works well in anti-aging.

The bubbles created from Destino advanced repairing face soap is very firm and very tiny, which is making a quick work of makeup, dirt, and grease all while being gentle to your skin.

Make sure, a cleanser is being used to create a great skin condition!