Userism Bright Whitening Ultra-water Facial Mask – more than just a mask!


You think it is just a mask in an experiment tube? Very much more than that, the result is time-promised, and it serves as your beauty serum of your following days after mask.

A box of mask with one whole bottle of enhancing serum attached, pour the serum right before applying mask to enjoy the freshest ingredient. The serum left is great to replace your daily serum for a concentrated and intensive repair.

Applying once a week, it is more than enough. Userism mask is a product with efficacy beauty treatment, added with rich moisturizing ingredients, small molecule, 100% silk clothes; without alcohol nor fragrance, safe for allergy or sensitive skin.

Very much recommended by bloggers, the effect lasted long; the outlook is cute and attractive, there is an instant brightening upon removal. Use this continually, to provide you a bright, hydrated and a fresh skin.