MOOI Pore Perfecting Cleansing Water – to create a pore free skin

MOOI is a green product not only by the packaging but the ingredients as well. Rich with ingredients from plant extract, organic white tea, organic aloe vera, hamamelis leaves, and all these ingredients are ECO-CERT verified, without unnecessary chemical which is mild and tender for your skin.

MOOI cleansing water, formulation without oil, it won’t burden our skin, able to remove excessive oil when removing makeup, and providing a clean skin without any makeup residual. When our pores are truly cleaned, other skin care products will absorbed even better which providing an even brighter and hydrated skin.

MOOI Cleansing Water is light in texture, but the cleansing force is strong. The beauty experts from Beauty Keeper using this to remove mascara and eyeliner, they can actually be removed completely.This product is highly recommended for oily skin type, use this as a part of your routine skin care to get rid of pimples and excessive oil!