K.C Win-win Jelly Paper Facial Cleanser- the most innovative facial cleanser

Have you ever seen a facial cleanser in paper form? KC Win-win Jelly Paper Facial Cleanser, it’s an innovative product which is convenient and super easy to use! The product size is small, you can get rid of bottles and jars, and it is easy to carry.

This product is super convenient that suitable to all kind of situations, to be used at home daily, to bring along during the trips, camping, and you don’t have to worry bringing it along with your hand carry luggage to the airport, because it is just some paper cleanser sheets.

It is made with organic royal jelly, propolis, and some moisturizing ingredients which enables a moisture and clean skin after use.K.C Win-win Jelly Paper Facial Cleanser is suitable for all skin type, even sensitive skin. Have an innovative way to use our innovative product now!