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Who We Are?

Beauty-Keeper is originated from Taiwan.

Beauty- Keeper, a platform specially made for our valued customers Beauty-Keeper, a place where all people can pick their own beauty goods and trendy, stylish products. We know many others wish to get their hands on Taiwanese fashionable skincare, make- ups and beauty supplements, and Beauty-Keeper has finally made it happen.

We specially collected the most popular items from Taiwan, offer only the premium on our website. Our goal is to find merchandise that are highly rated by Taiwanese and introduce them to South East Asia.

We have confidence in our goods, and making customers happy is ultimate goal. Instead of paying excess on advertisements, we have successfully built our reputation by word to mouth, and we are thankful for it.

On our site, we do not categorize products by brands, but do it by functions.

We believe using the right products is more important than the brand of the products.

By applying the right products to suitable skin types can make you shine and stand out in the crowd.

We do not sell cheap stuff, low quality products, or those from unknown sources.

We offer premium quality items with reasonable prices. We cut down unnecessarily expenses by signing contracts directly with manufactures. Each of them required providing fully inspection report, including the source of materials, in order to cooperate.

Beauty-Keeper make sure all customers shop in a trustworthy environment.

Beauty-Keeper is now providing airport drop off service. You can explore the beauty of Taiwan without worrying your purchased items. We can have them sent to the airport on the day you leave Taiwan, so you can pick it up when you arrive the airport. How convenient is that! Try it out and you will enjoy.

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Please feel free to contact us anytime needed, or provide your precious opinions.

We listen, as we accompany.

Being able to provide services is our greatest achievement.

Beauty-Keeper has become strategy partnership with SinPost, to expedite orders.

Beauty-Keeper has become strategy partnership with Samplestore, to speed up our refining progress as well as blogger services.