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February 21, 2017

serlando rosy pink moisture dew

This rosy pink moisture dew stick is super convenient to carry, the most amazing thing is that you can see the result right away.
I don't know about others but when it comes to my lips, my biggest concern are dryness and paleness. I was amazed by this product, 
it gave me much more than I expected, it looks like nothing from the outside, but when you apply it  you can feel lips are being instantly moisturized and with pretty color on it.
The unique part is that the color varies every time, since it changes based on the temperature of your body, so every time is a new surprise for me.
It can also be used on my private part, which i have not yet tried,but I am excited to try it out soon!!!
something must have for all girl, yay! easy to carry, cheap, simply must have!

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