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February 23, 2017

acne saver

A lot of people said that the reason for having acne skin type is because your face is either dehydrated or too oily, that's why the pores are stuck and acne/pimples are grown. MD/AA Jiao Oil & water dual balancing gel is the saver for not only me but especially for my brother who's been bothered by pimples for years, I mean I would have zits one for a while and this balancing gel calms it down right away, so I figure why not give it to my brother and let him try , since he needed it more than I did. He applied as directed on the package, it didn't feel much different in the first couple of days, but after about the 4th day or so, he said he can feel it, his face wasn't as oily, and not as itchy as it used to. Gradually, he used the product for about a month, and the result is obvious, he's acne had improved a lot! it somehow tightened enlarged pores, he's skin feels smooth again.

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