SOFEI – Red Quinoa and Sea Buckthorn Oil Treatment

Sofei, a brand more than 35 years old from Taiwan, comes with their latest product SOFEI red quinoa and sea buckthorn oil treatment with a modern and luxury packaging. This brand’s expertise in hair care for years has actually guaranteed on the quality of this product.

A light feel, by using a new technology; the molecule is tiny enough for a good absorption, leaving a non-greasy and shiny hair! This is great for any type of hair; it changes and renews dry hair to a moisturized and healthy.

“The oil clear and fluid, which is the form I love, not too sticky not too oily. I love it!!!” “It has this good scent and I love it, I can actually use it as my hair perfume.” A very high ranking was provided by the Beauty Experts in Beauty-Keeper.

With very precious ingredients added, this oil treatment is perfect in to control frizz and in hydrating, really worth a try with this price and quality!