Do you know beauty sleep is very important? Getting enough and a good quality sleep at night impacts a lot on you skin’s health and condition. It may cause puffy face, fine lines, or dehydration. K.C Win-Win Midnight Recover Cream is designed to protect skin from free radical damage and to reduce visible lines and […]

What is your biggest problem while applying your mud or jelly mask on? Hard to apply them evenly, worry of gems might get into the mask while digging your fingers in? There is a beauty gadget high recommended by us! LSY face mask using brush! Come with the nice design of a luxury gold color […]

Have you ever seen a facial cleanser in paper form? KC Win-win Jelly Paper Facial Cleanser, it’s an innovative product which is convenient and super easy to use! The product size is small, you can get rid of bottles and jars, and it is easy to carry. This product is super convenient that suitable to […]

MOOI is a green product not only by the packaging but the ingredients as well. Rich with ingredients from plant extract, organic white tea, organic aloe vera, hamamelis leaves, and all these ingredients are ECO-CERT verified, without unnecessary chemical which is mild and tender for your skin. MOOI cleansing water, formulation without oil, it won’t […]

  You think it is just a mask in an experiment tube? Very much more than that, the result is time-promised, and it serves as your beauty serum of your following days after mask. A box of mask with one whole bottle of enhancing serum attached, pour the serum right before applying mask to enjoy […]

Beauty starts from a good cleansing. Good face soap creates breathable pore and it enable a better absorption of skin care, this is how good skin start. Destino advanced repairing face soap; it’s a famous cleansing soap among the Tai Tai in Taiwan, highly recommended among the Tai Tai, models and influencers. A good face […]

Contin plant extract shampoo, a natural shampoo rich with garlic enzyme, which is good in solving scalp problem, including dandruff, hair loss and oily scalp. It is formulated with patented ingredient- Garlic enzyme essence which is developed by Contin, every single piece of this shampoo contained over 50% plant extract essence. Smell is what most […]