Beauty Keeper places high value on your privacy and complies with the provisions of Personal Information Protection Act. Therefore, we develop a privacy policy; please refer to the content of our privacy policy as the following:

1. Security of Personal Information
To protect your privacy is an important business concept of Beauty Keeper. We will never provide your personal information to any third party irrelevant to this shopping website without your consent. You should keep their network passwords and personal information confidential and do not provide any personal information to anyone, especially network passwords. After using the services provided by Beauty Keeper’s website (the “Site”), it is important to remember to sign out of your account; if you share a computer with others or use a public computer, be sure to close the browser window.

2. Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Information
The personal information obtained by Beauty Keeper from the related website is for the internal use only and according to the use purpose and scope described originally. Beauty Keeper will not provide the personal information to any third party or use the same for any purpose other than as stated or provided by law.

• Purpose of Collection
The purpose of the personal information collection is to conduct marketing; consumer, customer management and services; online shopping and other e-commerce services as well as surveys, statistical and research analysis (Item Codes for the Specific Purpose and Classification of Personal Information are 040, 090, 148, 157 respectively). Beauty Keeper will collect the personal information through the process of member enrollment or transaction conducting.

• Classification of Personal Information Collected
The personal information collected by Beauty Keeper from the Site includes:
(1) C001 Type for Identifying Individual: such as the member’s name, address, telephone, e-mail address and other information.
(2) C002Type for Identifying Finance: such as credit card or financial institution account information.
(3) C011 Individual Description: such as gender, date of birth, and so on.

• Time Period, Area, Target and Way of Use
(1) Time Period: Until the day on which you request to discontinue use or Beauty Keeper discontinues the service provision.
(2) Area: Your personal information will be used in Taiwan.
(3) Target and Way of Use: In addition to Beauty Keeper’s use for membership management, customer management and other functions of retrieval and query, your personal information collected will also be used to identify the identity, financial services, logistics services, marketing, advertising, promotion and so on. For example:
(i) When you use the services provided by Beauty Keeper as a member, the webpage will automatically display your membership information.
(ii) Activities for the Purpose of Transaction: Your booking, bid placement, purchase of goods or services, participating in the activities of the award or other transactions, or activities concerning distribution of goods, service provision, payment, reply to customers’ inquiries, reply to your inquiries by Beauty Keeper, the relevant after-sales services and other transactions necessary for the business.
(iii) Promotion, Advertisement or Marketing: provide you with various e-magazines and other service related information via e-mail, mail and telephone. Use the content or advertisements browsed by You to conduct the personalize process, analysis of member services, development of new services or improvement of existing services according to the customer’s personal attribute or purchase history, and browsing history of the Beauty Keeper website. Contact with you for opinion polls, events, message boards, or other service related matters.
(iv) Responses to customers’ Inquiries: responses to inquiries from you to Beauty Keeper via email, mail, fax, telephone or any other direct or indirect means of contact.
(v) Other Business Incidental Matters: The matters incidental to the purposes set out in the foresaid (i) to (iv) necessary for the service provision of Beauty Keeper.
(vi) Providing Information to the Individual Service Provider: when a you books, places a bid for, purchases the goods or services from a service provider, participates in the activities of the award or applies for other transactions, Beauty Keeper will provide his/her personal information files to the service provider within the scope of such transaction, and the service provider shall be responsible for the management of the personal information files. Beauty Keeper will impose on the service provider with the obligation to deal with personal information in accordance with the principle of protecting your privacy, but there is no guarantee that the service provider will comply. Please contact your service provider for details.
(vii) Others: in the case of providing individual services, your personal information may also be used for purposes other than those specified above. In such event, those purposes will be set out on the websites of such individual services.

• Your Right to Personal Information
The person whose personal information collected by Beauty Keeper may exercise the following rights against Beauty Keeper:
(1) any inquiry and request for a review of the personal information;
(2) any request to make duplications of the personal information;
(3) any request to supplement or correct the personal information;
(4) any request to discontinue collection, processing or use of personal information; and
(5) any request to delete the personal information.
Please note that if you refuse to provide the information necessary to join the membership may result in failure to enjoy the full service or completely unable to use the service.

3. Security of your information
In order to protect your privacy and security, the member account information of Beauty Keeper will be protected by using password. Beauty Keeper also endeavors to ensure the security of all personal information with reasonable technologies and procedures.

4. Way to Inquire or Correct Personal Information
In case that You needs to inquire and review, make duplications of, supplement or correct, discontinue computer processing and use, or delete the personal information, he/ she may contact the Customer Service Center, and Beauty Keeper will handle such request immediately.

5. Cookie
In order to facilitate your use of the Site, Beauty Keeper uses cookie technology to provide the services that you need. A cookie is a technology used by a web server to communicate with your browser. It may store a random string in your computer to identify the user. If you close the cookie, it may lead to a situation such as a failure to log in to the website or the inability to use the shopping cart.

6. Amendment to Privacy Policy
As the market environment changes, Beauty Keeper will revise the website policy from time to time. If you have any question regarding the website privacy statement of Beauty Keeper or any matter related to personal information, please contact the Customer Service Center of Beauty Keeper via e-mail.

Personal Information Protection of Beauty Keeper
1. In order to ensure that Beauty Keeper will keep the security of personal information files, Beauty Keeper will assign personnel(s) on security and maintenance of those files according to the following security and maintenance plan for personal information files.
2. Security and Maintenance Plan for Personal Information File
(1) Information Security
(i) If personal information files are set up in the database, the usage scope and authorization of “user code” and “identification code” shall be specific. The identification code shall be kept confidential and shall not be shared with others.
(ii) If personal information files are stored on a hard disk drive of a personal computer, the data retention unit shall set the power-on password, the screen saver password and related security measures on the personal computer.
(iii) Personal information files may not be used without permission.
(iv) Personal information files should be exited after use, and shall not leave on the computer display screen.
(v) The identification code for personal use shall be kept confidential and the password shall be changed after a fixed period of time in order to prevent theft and long-term use.
(vi) If customers inquire their personal information by telephone, it shall be verified before offering any relevant information to safeguard the interests of customers.
(vii) When collecting, processing, international transmitting and utilize personal information via the Internet, the precautionary and protective measures should be taken to detect and prevent computer viruses and other malicious software so as to ensure the normal operation of the system.
(viii) When processing the transaction via the Internet, potential safety risks should be assessed and appropriate safety control measures should be developed.

(2) Information Audit
(i) When processing personal information on computer, please check whether the input, output, edit or correction of personal information is consistent with the original files.
(ii) When personal information is provided for use, please check the correctness of the files information, if in doubt, it should be reviewed with the original files for verification.
(iii) A regular auditing system shall be established and auditing materials shall be kept.

(3) Equipment Management
(i) Establish the applicable computer equipment of personal information, and such equipment shall be maintained regularly by the information kept units.
(ii) Do not arbitrarily move computer equipment if no necessary.
(iii) Establish the applicable personal computers designated for personal information, do not be directly used as a front-end tool for public inquiries.
(iv) Establish the remote redundant system.
(v) Do remove personal information stored in the relevant computer hardware that is obsolete or resold.

(4) Other Security Maintenance Matters
(i) If the position of the personnel who is in charge of processing personal information files is changed, he/she shall make the list and hand over the storage media and the relevant information kept by him/her, and the successor shall set up a separate password to facilitate the management.
(ii) After an employee’s leaving Beauty Keeper, the password accessible to such employee must be canceled and be adjusted accordingly.
(iii) Comply with the relevant provisions of the general computer security maintenance.